A Collaborative Project

Clients sometimes ask whether they need an interior designer?

It depends.  Does the client have the creativity, sources and time to select materials, finishes and fixtures, considering factors such as functionality, aesthetics, durability and budget?  Is the client going to be available to give it sufficient attention when the project is at the critical stages?

Interior designers like the Space Whisperer are particularly skilled in colour theory, space utilisation, sourcing materials and managing suppliers, deliveries and fitting, working within the envelope created by architect ICE Arch Limited

This was an exciting project in which architect ICE Arch Ltd collaborated with the Space Whisperer.

The house in Alderley Edge was extended to create a spacious, family-friendly kitchen and dining area.

As the architect for the scheme, Alison focused on the structure, layout, and functionality of the space, while Elena, the interior designer, perfected the aesthetics, furnishings, and décor.  Collaborating with each other, as well as the client, from the start of the project, ensured a holistic approach to the design process, and resulted in cohesive and well-integrated spaces. 

The existing room was fully stripped, and new flooring, furniture, art and fireplace were added making it more dynamic and imaginative.  It transitioned smoothly into the modern kitchen and hence to the contemporary garden room, which in turn interacted perfectly with the openness, dappled lighting and and foliage of the garden.