We are excited that this barn conversion will be starting on site soon. 

Barn Conversion

We are excited that this barn conversion will be starting on site soon.  Converting a barn under permitted development rights can have many benefits:

1.  Cost-effective: Converting an existing barn can be more cost-effective than building a new structure from scratch, as the basic framework is already in place.

2.  Preservation of heritage: Although this barn did not have any architectural significance others we have worked on have. Converting a barn that has historical or architectural heritage into residential properties can help preserve this heritage while giving the building a new lease on life.

3.  Rural development: There are often limited options for new construction in the countryside, especially in the Greenbelt.  Converting barns into dwellings can contribute to rural development by providing much-needed housing.

4.  Sustainability: Converting an existing structure can be more environmentally sustainable.  There is a reduced need for new materials and construction, making it a more sustainable option compared to building new homes.

5.  Character and charm: On one of our previous projects, the client was able to keep the unique architectural features, exposed beams etc.  This added to the character and charm to the resulting residential property.

6.  Quicker approval process: Permitted development rights, such as Class Q, streamline the planning process for converting agricultural buildings into dwellings, potentially saving time compared to applying for full planning permission.