Learning from Lockdown

Thankfully, we are out of the Covid-19 national lockdown. However, there are some local restrictions, some people are continuing to work from home, and we all have learned from the lockdown experience.

I wonder, are you OK with your home, or are there niggles? 

–  Would it be good to have personal spaces for family members, as well as communal areas? 

–  Do you need clearer distinction between work and play? 

–  Do you need more space – or better use of existing space? 

–  Are you taking full advantage of natural light and of the garden and outlook? 

–  Are you comfortable with the heating and ventilation? 

–  Are kitchen and bathrooms adequate?

ICE Arch Ltd are geared-up to help. If you prefer not to have face-to-face meetings we can use our tried and tested approach and the skilful use of technology, providing:

–  a 30-minute Zoom consultation to determine your requirements

–  further consultations, as required, once you have given the go-ahead for the eDesign stage of the project

–  an Autocad sketch-scheme that can be used for pre-planning consultation, and builders’ quotations

Optionally, a 3D model – external and/or internal according to the nature of the proposal