How do you feel about the new Planning Laws?

planning laws

Radical changes were announced to England’s planning system with the hope it will make building new homes and commercial buildings easier.

Councils are blocked from denying planning permission in areas that will be designated for growth. There will also be a replacement to the Section 106 agreements and Community Infrastructure Levy (currently used to fund schools, roads, etc) and a change to affordable housing requirements.

What impact will this have on the local community?

As a developer, do you feel this will help you build faster?

Councils are going to be given 3 and half years to designate areas into 3 categories: growth/renewal/protection and we are told that residents will be consulted over ‘design codes’.

Will these proposals trigger a construction boom, will Green Belt be protected or will communities be sidelined with a lack of affordable or quality homes or infrastructure?

The planning laws need an overhaul as they are complex and draconian however, I have concerns in relation to the control of the quality of the design and sustainability of the new buildings.