Inspired by Mid-Century Modern

Can we utilise the mid-century modern style in the UK?

This amazing architecture, with its emphasis on functionality and form, creates a timeless aesthetic. The combination of thoughtful design, natural materials, and a connection to nature contributes to the overall allure and beauty.

This time last year I was fortunate to go travelling in California. It’s a state I’ve visited and loved for over 24 years, but in all that time I hadn’t visited Palm Springs. On this trip the cooler winter temperature made it feasible (i.e. bearable) to get up close to the amazing architecture of Richard Neutra and William Krisel

While mid century modern is strongly associated with Palm Springs and the American West, many of the concepts can be transported to a UK setting.

The clean lines and minimalist design capture a sense of simplicity and elegance that works at least as well in the UK.

Part of the beauty of Palm Springs architecture lies in its harmonious integration with the surrounding desert landscape. . Large glass windows frame stunning desert views, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. At the same time, interiors are insulated from external heat. That connection with nature can be translated to UK landscapes and climate.

If you think these concepts might suit your local context, I’d be happy to discuss it with you.