Energy Efficiency, Off-Site Build, and Bi-Fold Doors

I enjoy visiting the Grand Design Show at the NEC.  It’s good for talking to suppliers about niche products and innovative technologies.  It’s also an opportunity to do a ‘hands on’ study of the competing suppliers’ versions of various products.

Off-Site Build Houses

‘Off Site Build’ is a more appropriate title than ‘Factory Build’  or ‘Pre-Fabricated’  which conjure-up images of production lines, uniformity and indifferent design.

The reality is that companies like Schworer Haus work with the Client’s Architect to create an individual design that’s consistent with local planning policies and passes smoothly through the approval process.   Building off-site results in earlier and predictable completion dates .

sh1 sh2 sh3

Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are very popular with my clients.  Bi-Fold doors create a sense of ‘one-ness’ between house and garden, and generate a bright and spacious atmosphere.

Grand Designs allowed me to directly compare many manufacturers’ products.  I don’t always use the same manufacturer on my projects – no one can meet all the different requirements and different contexts.

However, Ultraline’s system has some nice features.  The frames are very slim so, even with the doors closed, your sight-lines are hardly disturbed.  Designer Range has some beautiful products.  In the right setting, Panoramah’s long, sliding, sash windows would be exquisite.

ultraline DesignerRange

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

For all our new build houses, ICE Arch designs-in energy efficient and sustainable products.

Again, we don’t restrict ourselves to one company, but I was impressed when chatting with representatives of Airflow, Nu-Heat, Solar Tech Ltd, SPS Envirowall and GB-Sol.

airflow nuheat solartechspsenvironwallgbsol