Project – Llys Helig

Llys Helig, Llandudno, Conwy

Category: Residential

Project Type: New Build on a site that slope steeply to the sea

Situated on the west shore side of the Great Orme in Llandudno the site is very steep but has tremendous views looking out towards Conwy, Snowdonia and Anglesey

The primary objective in the design of this timber frame, five bedroom house was to achieve a comfortable home while minimizing energy consumption.

The house is to be constructed with a heavily insulated timber frame set on concrete retaining walls. It will be cheap to run compared to existing housing with the use of ground source heat recovery, renewable solar energy and ground to air heat exchange. The final design of the house provides bright and airy rooms with large, tilt and slide, draught-free triple-glazed windows to the south. Summer shading will be provided by means of retractable external venetian blinds with automatic solar control. Tthe property will be airtight with excellent construction.

The term Passivhaus refers to anadvanced low energy construction standard for buildings, which have excellent comfort conditions being both cool in summer and warm in winter with minimal additional heating, with perfect air humidity levels all year round and excellent winter ventilation, whilst being completely free of winter draughts.The house has been designed to potentially comply with the Passivhaus criteria.

The site iis steeply sloping with limited access so the programming of the build has had to be carefully planned

Mains water use is reduced by an underground rainwater-harvesting tank, which provides water for the garden. A solar thermal panel supplies domestic hot water and the ground source heat pumps provide heat capable supplying the underfloor heating system. Biodiversity is also important for this project which incorporates a green roof to the garage and a planned, 'living green' wall covering the gabion.